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How to get back on track

I've spent years figuring out what it means for me to get back on track and of course we've all heard the phrase and experimented with it as well, "How do I get back on track?".

But a light bulb went off in my head quite some time ago that changed my outlook on this idea. It's this question:

"Where am I at? And where have I been?"

This, I realized, allows me to look at the bigger picture of how to meet myself halfway and make a plan to solve my issue.

We all fear being stuck. We all fear an uncertain future. But finding the loopholes and people who have cracked the codes to almost all aspects of our lives, saves us so much time and mental energy.

How I get back on track depends on what I feel is missing in my life OR what is making me feel stuck. For some, it's easy to pinpoint. For others, it takes a moment to tap in and pinpoint.

But once you know what you need and you find where to fulfill that need, it's hard to not do whatever it takes to get to that goal.

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